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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another update

Wow! Who would have thought that on November 25th we'd have 13 degree weather! It's been a fabulous weekend. Had a great night with the goils on Friday. Laughed until I thought I could laugh no more....and learned a few things about people's tolerance levels. Yes, some people aren't as comfortable talking openly about some things as others. You know who you are...all those who feared the kitchen chatter! :D Then had a long walk through Elora Gorge on Saturday with a great friend. And wore the muttski out which is always a bonus. Today, I put up the christmas lights with the hubby. All in all a good weekend.

With the good weather, comes more pool progress. So here are a few updated pics. I can really imagine the drinks by the pool now!

The concrete pads for the shed and the hot tub are poured and ready. The shed build should start next week! For an idea of what it's going to look like, check out

The outline around the pool makes it really easy now to picture the final product. Hopefully, the weather holds out next week and they can pour the stamped concrete. We chose colours to match the other rocks in the backyard, so keep your fingers crossed it turns out!

Get the blenders ready girls, the countdown to summer is on!

Monday, November 20, 2006

For the girls

Ok, I've had a few requests to show off the jewellery I've been making lately. Here are a few of my favs.

Green crackle bead necklace

Purple and pearl floating necklace

Blue Glass Bead Bracelet

Brown floating necklace

Brown bead spiral bracelet

Can you swim in the winter?

Well we know leaves can swim in the pool in November, but I doubt that we'd want to.

Here's the latest on the pool:
- the liner is in...yay!
- the pool holds water...way yay!

Hopefully the weather holds out this week and we can pour the concrete for the shed and for the hot tub. It'd be great to have the hot tub for the winter.

Did you know that it needs to be above 14 degrees to pour concrete? Well, you do now! So it looks like they'll have to tarp the area for the two concrete pads, bring in some heaters and then pour away. I'll be sure to get pics of that! hee hee.